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5 Options Of How To Find Out Who The Father Of My Child Is.

Posted March 24, 2015

“You are not the father!” is the famous line from the popular television show, Maury (sometimes known as The Maury Povich Show.) The show gives guests the opportunity to check for paternity and then Maury shares the results on national television. Luckily, there are more discreet ways than the Maury Show to find out who […]

Do I Have To Do A Paternity Test If An Ex Girlfriend Says The Kid Is Mine?

Posted March 11, 2015

Maternity is a matter of fact, Paternity is a matter of opinion. -Proverb You and your ex are long gone history, when out of the blue, she calls you up to inform you, “there’s a baby and it’s yours!” Perhaps you think it is possibly yours, and then again you might be racking your brain […]

5 Tips To Arrive At A Marital Settlement Before Going To Your Attorney

Posted March 2, 2015

“When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn’t a sign that they ‘Don’t understand’ one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to. -Helen Rowland A marital settlement is simply the agreement between you and your spouse on the terms for your divorce. Some individuals are able to agree on […]

The Process of Proving That You Are The Father

Posted February 23, 2015

“People ask me what I’d most appreciate getting for my 87th birthday. I tell them, a paternity suit.” – George Burns Married couples are afforded the presumption of biological parenthood according to state law, so their legal rights are available at the birth of their children. For a man who suspects he may have fecundated […]

Don’t Take Threats Of Violence From Your Ex-Spouse Lightly: Obtain A Restraining Order

Posted February 11, 2015

Domestic violence is extremely common and includes physical and emotional abuse and threats of harm. It may occur between two spouses, individuals who are dating, or any household members. To prevent further problems, it is best to consider obtaining a restraining order. Obvious violent acts include hitting or sexual abuse. However, a restraining order also […]

3 Most Common Causes of Divorce in California

Posted January 29, 2015

Newly married couples are full of hope. They envision themselves together for all eternity, raising children, buying a house, and then eventually becoming grandparents. Sadly, in the state of California, in more than 50 percent of the cases, this is not the way things turn out. Many marriages end in a heartbreaking divorce. Why? According […]

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