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5 Options Of How To Find Out Who The Father Of My Child Is.

“You are not the father!” is the famous line from the popular television show, Maury (sometimes known as The Maury Povich Show.) The show gives guests the opportunity to check for paternity and then Maury shares the results on national television. Luckily, there are more discreet ways than the Maury Show to find out who is the father of your child.

Why Establish Paternity?

Establishing paternity is often required to receive state assistance such as food, daycare, or other benefits that are often available and needed by single parents. Also, when paternity is established the child has more financial support, can receive benefits additionally such as healthcare insurance through their father’s work. Medical history would also be more readily available and prove important to understand your child’s medical needs based on the father’s medical history.

Here are 5 options: 

  1. Individually ask the men you slept with for a paternity test. Though this may be awkward, it may be a simpler approach. Some men may be curious and more than willing to know whether or not they are the father without added pressure. It also allows the man, if he is the father, to take responsibility for the child without being “forced,” potentially bringing you both into a legal agreement on shared responsibility for the child’s wellbeing.
  2. Court Order – Opening a case at your local child support agency, such as trying to get state assistance for food, daycare, or home needs, would send out the necessary papers to get a court order to the potential fathers.
  3. Genetic testing – You or the local child support agency can request a biological test of the potential father.
  4. Declaration of Paternity – Is a man voluntarily proclaiming that he is the father? Though this may not be applicable to finding out whom the biological father is, it is fairly common.
  5. Marriage – If you are already married and become pregnant paternity is presumed to be that of the husband’s. They are the legal fathers of the children without having to take legal actions.

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