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Do I Have To Do A Paternity Test If An Ex Girlfriend Says The Kid Is Mine?

Maternity is a matter of fact, Paternity is a matter of opinion.


You and your ex are long gone history, when out of the blue, she calls you up to inform you, “there’s a baby and it’s yours!” Perhaps you think it is possibly yours, and then again you might be racking your brain for how this child could be yours since the last time you were intimate together it seemed cave men had just discovered fire. Whatever your thoughts on possibly being the dad, in the end you decide you don’t want a paternity test. You either want to take responsibility without a paternity test, or you wish not to take a paternity test either because you know you are not the father or if you are, you do not want to be held responsible.

A Paternity Test is not Needed

In the event that you do completely believe you are the father and desire to take responsibility and passing on the paternity test, you actually can. In place of the paternity test you would obtain and sign a Declaration of Paternity Form [i]. This form states that you take complete responsibility for the child as his or her father.

A Paternity Test is Not Desired

In the event that you do not want to sign a Declaration of Paternity, and do not want to take responsibility for the child as the father, little can be done if she truly desires you to take the test. The court will order a paternity test and ignoring the summons could have consequences; the judge could default you as the parent, fines or criminal charges can result as well. Instead, immediately get legal help to navigate the paternity case to avoid severe consequences and seek advice on the proper protocol and steps when a paternity test is required of you.


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