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Property Division

Property Division

Property division can be one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce or legal separation. Robert has extensive experience representing clients in complex property issues, including the litigation of separate property claims, pension and retirement asset issues, large asset divorce cases, complex real property division, businesses, and stock options. Robert will represent you in properly analyzing and dividing the property to which you are entitled. Having practiced in Sonoma County for over 30 years, Robert is familiar with the best experts whom you can employ in the fields of forensic accounting, financial advice, real estate, actuaries, and employee benefit analysts to assist in your case.

  •   Separate v. Community Property Claims

California law characterizes assets into two categories, separate and community.  Issues often arise concerning whether a particular asset is the separate property of one spouse or is community property.  The laws concerning the characterization of community and separate property are complex.  Robert has over 30 years of experience in representing clients in their separate property and community property claims.

  • Pension and Retirement Account Division

Generally, all pension and retirement benefits which were earned between the date of marriage and the date of the parties’ separation are community property.  The division of these assets often require preparing Qualified Domestic Relations Orders in order to ensure that the proper division of the retirement/pension asset is effectuated.  Robert has experience in having handled hundreds of cases involving the division of retirement and pension accounts.

  •  Large Asset Divorce Cases

In large asset divorce cases, it is critical that the client hire an attorney who will not shy away from the time, effort and knowledge which are required to properly represent a client in a large asset case.  Robert routinely represents clients in large asset cases and possesses the skill and experience which you should demand of your legal counsel in such cases.

  •  Property Division Involving Ownership of a Business

A myriad of issues can arise in a Family Law proceeding which involves the division of a business.  Determining the value of the business and establishing any separate property claims related to the business can be challenging.  Once again, it is imperative that you hire an attorney, such as Robert, who has represented business owners in Family Law proceedings for over 30 years in Sonoma County.

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