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Don’t Take Threats Of Violence From Your Ex-Spouse Lightly: Obtain A Restraining Order

Domestic violence is extremely common and includes physical and emotional abuse and threats of harm. It may occur between two spouses, individuals who are dating, or any household members. To prevent further problems, it is best to consider obtaining a restraining order.

Obvious violent acts include hitting or sexual abuse. However, a restraining order also covers threats of harm or stalking as well. It is never acceptable to be hit or abused by a spouse, an intimate friend, or another family member. One slap or push often leads to escalated events of abuse. Also, frequent threats of harm become violent outbreaks. With each occurrence, the abuse gets worse. You want to get help but feel like no one will believe what is happening, especially when the abuser says it is your fault. You may want to escape, but you fear the threats of more harm. The situation rarely gets better, and you have a reason to be afraid. Domestic violence accounts for thousands of deaths each year. Children caught in the middle of the cycle may be emotionally harmed as well.

How to Obtain a Restraining Order

It is extremely simple to obtain a restraining order. During the process, a person files a petition with the local court explaining why the order should be granted. Court staff can supply necessary forms, which makes the application process very easy. A parent or guardian may file a petition for a child as well.

What Does a Restraining Order Cover?

Typically, a restraining order lasts two years or longer. It prevents a person from being harassed or contacted. Many times, the respondent must remain a set distance away from the filer. The order may force the respondent to move out of the family home and allow the petitioner to use a joint car and other personal property.

You do not have to face domestic abuse alone. To avoid unnecessary violence, it is essential to take action. The first step is to protect yourself and other innocent victims. Applying for a restraining order is a smart way to end a dangerous cycle that gets worse with time. It may save your life. Robert Montgomery can help you get the protection you and your kids need. Call (707) 525-1212  or contact him online today. 

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