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3 Most Common Causes of Divorce in California

Newly married couples are full of hope. They envision themselves together for all eternity, raising children, buying a house, and then eventually becoming grandparents. Sadly, in the state of California, in more than 50 percent of the cases, this is not the way things turn out. Many marriages end in a heartbreaking divorce. Why? According to research done by the National Fatherhood Initiative, there are three reasons why.

A Lack of Commitment

The first reason is a lack of commitment. In their research, more than 70 percent of couples said that either they or their spouse was not committed to the marriage. Sixty-two percent said they wish that they had worked harder on their marriage.

Lack of commitment leads to arguing. More than 50 percent of divorcees stated that excessive arguing was behind their split. Arguments continue in a marriage because one of the two or both of the partners do not appreciate or understand the other person’s perspective.

Lack of commitment leads to infidelity. In more than 50 percent of the cases, infidelity was behind the divorce. Many times, the infidelity started as an emotional affair, or a friendship got too close and eventually led to infidelity.

Lack of Preparation

Over 45 percent of people surveyed said that they felt they married too young. When a person marries young, they have unrealistic expectations for what marriage will be like. Over 50 percent of teenage marriages will fail before the couple reaches their 15th wedding anniversary. This is opposed to 35 percent failure rate for individuals who marry when they are in their 20’s.

In order to be successful, both marriage mates must accept and appreciate the differences that they have. Couples who were flexible enough to roll with the punches as it were and except both the good and the bad are likely to do better than those who do not.


Unfortunately, more than 29 percent of the individuals surveyed stated that domestic violence was behind their divorce. Abuse can completely and totally destroy the life of its victims. Abuse can take on many forms including physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. For individuals in this situation, divorce provided a much-needed escape and protection from their abuser.

Going through a divorce is a painful and challenging process. In addition to the emotional aspects of divorce, there are legal aspects that must be dealt with. Getting the advice of a trained family law attorney can help make the difficult process of divorce easier. To speak with an experienced divorce attorney call Robert Montgomery at 707-525-1212 or contact him online today.

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