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            Robert Montgomery is an experienced and respected Family Law attorney practicing in Sonoma County.  Raised in Santa Rosa, he attended Montgomery High School, and thereafter graduated from UC Santa Barbara with high honors.  His law degree was earned from the University of San Diego. In his second year of law school, while working for the San Diego Indian Clinic and being supervised by the clinic’s attorney, he conducted his first jury trial in the El Cajon Municipal Court. After graduation from law school, he returned to Santa Rosa where he has practiced for over 30 years.

Robert developed his trial skills early in his career, as his practice initially focused on civil litigation, including contract matters, real estate issues, personal injury, and Family Law litigation.   For the past twenty years, his practice has focused upon Family Law cases.  He has represented over 1,000 clients in matters concerning divorce/dissolution/legal separation, paternity, child support, spousal support, domestic violence, property division, and all other aspects of Family Law.   He has conducted over 100 Family Law trials.  Although he is a skilled trial attorney, he strongly recommends to his clients that they first attempt to resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom through the mediation process.  He has represented his clients in over 100 mediation proceedings.

            Robert has provided effective, thoughtful, and, when necessary, aggressive representation.  His clientele has included attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and people from all walks of life.

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Robert has also served in the Sonoma County Superior Courts for over 20 years as both a civil case settlement conference panelist, who assists parties in civil litigation with the resolution of their  issues through the settlement conference process.  He also serves as a Sonoma County Superior Court Family Law Bench-Bar Panelist.  In that capacity, he acts as a settlement advisor in an effort to direct parties involved in Family Law matters to reach a resolution of their issues without the necessity of proceeding to a contested trial.

Robert has also served as a judge pro tem in the Sonoma County Superior Court.  As a judge pro tem, upon the stipulation of both parties to a case, he acts in the same function as a Superior Court judge.  It is believed that Robert is the only Family Law attorney in Sonoma County who has acted as a Sonoma County Superior Court judge pro tem in a contested Family Law proceeding which resulted in a published case establishing new case law in California.  Specifically, Robert served as the judge pro tem in the matter entitled, In re Marriage of Campbell (1999) 74 Cal.App.4th 852.  In the Campbell case, Robert served as the judge in the proceeding and rendered a judgment.  His judgment was appealed by one of the parties to the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco. In a landmark decision, the appellate court justices affirmed Robert’s ruling in full.

When Robert is not working at his office or in court, he enjoys spending time with his family.  He has served as the past president of the Santa Rosa Junior Ice Hockey Club and vice-president of the Santa Rosa Express Track Club.  His interests include distance running, swimming and surfing.

To speak to attorney Robert Montgomery about your case, contact him online or by calling  (707) 525-1212 today!


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