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The process of divorce can be a struggle, both emotionally and financially. You need to be well represented by an accomplished and experienced attorney who can guide you through the often difficult challenges presented in a divorce case. With more than 30 years of experience in family law matters, Robert A. Montgomery will effectively assist you through your family law case in order to achieve a result which not only protects your rights, but meets your wants and needs.

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The laws in California which govern the dissolution of a marriage are complex. In order to successfully navigate through the sea of complicated issues, you need the counsel and advice of Robert’s over 30 years of experience in these matters. With Robert’s counsel, you will be well-represented in your divorce/legal separation case, with the goal that your wants and needs will be addressed and effectively resolved.

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Robert Montgomery is an experienced and respected Family Law attorney practicing in Sonoma County. Raised in Santa Rosa, he attended Montgomery High School, and thereafter graduated from UC Santa Barbara with high honors. His law degree was earned from the University of San Diego. In his second year of law school, while working for the San Diego Indian Clinic and being supervised by the clinic’s attorney, he conducted his first jury trial in the El Cajon Municipal Court. After graduation from law school, he returned to Santa Rosa where he has practiced for over 30 years.

Robert developed his trial skills early in his career, as his practice initially focused on civil litigation, including contract matters, real estate issues, personal injury, and Family Law litigation. For the past twenty years, his practice has focused upon Family Law cases. He has represented over 1,000 clients in matters concerning divorce/dissolution/legal separation, paternity, child support, spousal support, domestic violence, property division, and all other aspects of Family Law. He has conducted over 100 Family Law trials. Although he is a skilled trial attorney, he strongly recommends to his clients that they first attempt to resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom through the mediation process. He has represented his clients in over 100 mediation proceedings.

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